5th Central-Eastern European Congress on Cell-Free Nucleic Acids
21-22 June 2018
Life Science Building, University of Debrecen, Debrecen


Submitted lectures by 15th of April 2018.

Cuckel H.: Invasive and non-invasive prenatal detection of micro-deletions
Cuckle H.:  Comparing different commercial cfDNA tests for aneuploidy
Sistermans E.: Introducing NIPT analysis in the Netherlands part II, from TRIDENT-1 to TRIDENT-2
Ripudaman Singh.: Fetal cells in maternal blood for prenatal diagnosis: Lessons and Future Perspectives
Hromadnikova I.: First trimester screening of circulating C19MC microRNAs and the evaluation of their potential to predict the onset of preeclampsia and FGR
Hromadnikova I.: Follow-up of gestational trophoblastic disease/neoplasia via quantification of circulating nucleic acids of placental origin using C19MC microRNAs, hypermethylated RASSF1A and SRY sequences 
Hrindová B., Matějčková I., Zembol F., Bittóová M., Koudová M., Stejskal D.: Automation of Cell-Free DNA Testing on Ion Proton System
Strah D, Gorenjec NR.: First trimester screening for Down’s syndrome by combined nuchal translucency and prenatal cf-DNA testing
Török O.: Introducing NIPT in Hungary
Tóbiás B.: PANORAMA® the SNP sequencing-based NIPT -
Hungarian results in the light of American data
Celec P, Vlková B.: Causes and consequences of the variability of extracellular DNA
Gendar M, Loderer D, Svecová I, Lauceková Z, Hrtánková M, Hornáková A, Nagy B, Lasabová Z, Danko J.: Decreasing the no call rate of  Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing

Non-invasive detection of cancer
Igaz P.: Circulating microRNAs and tumors
Póka R.: Free nucleic acids in ovarian cancer
Kovalszky I.: Our first experiences with testing EGFR T790M resistance mutation in liquid biopsy
Méhes G, Bedekovics J, Mokánszki A.: Analysis of oncogenic mutations from liquid biopdy samples: potentials and limitations in oncology.
Penyige A.: Detection of 800 microRNAs in the plasma of ovarian cancer patients
Szilágyi-Bónizs M, Márton É, Lukács J, Soltész b, Janka E, Penyige A, Póka R, Nagy B. : MiR200a, miR200b and miR200c are promising candidate biomarkers in epithelial ovarian cancer
Soltész B.: Expression of lncRNA HOTAIR in the plasma of ovarian cancer patients
Cine N, Sertdemir N, Duygu Y, Gorbayrak  M,Gozdolu E, Demir G, Cabuk D, Isik U, Ozden E, Uygun K, Aksu G, Savli H.: NGS based ctDNA-liquide biopsy analysis in Turkish cancer patients
Ozden O, Gok I.: Deacetylation of JAK1 and Its Association with IL-6-Induced Inflammatory Response in Cancer

Non-invasive detection of heart- and cardiovascular diseases
Asselbergs F.: Cardiomyopathies: a genetic and phenotypic heterogeneous group of diseases
Csanádi Z.:
Biró O, Nagy B.: Non-invasive prenatal testing for congenital heart disease – cell-free nucleic acid and protein biomarkers in maternal blood
Soltész B.: mtDNA copy number determination in plasma of  patients with atrial fibrillation
Biró O, Rigó J, Nagy B.: Maternal methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) polymorphisms: risk factors for congenital heart disease?
Detection of infectious diseases and others
Sensen C.: Circulating nucleic acids as early markers for infectious and chronic diseases
Vojta A, Josipović G, Tadić V, Zoldoš V.: Editing the epigenome using a comprehensive CRISPR/Cas9-based molecular toolbox
Szemes T. Baláž A, Kajsík M, Gazdaricová I, Bíró O, Nagy B, Turňa J, Budiš J.: Are phages part of our immunity?
Domonkos E, Janovičová L,Steinhardt M, Höpfner T, Stehle T, Celec P.: Sex differences in plasma deoxyribonuclease activity in rats
Janovičová L, Konečná B, Čonka J, Lauková L, Celec P.: Variability in deoxyribonuclease activity and extracellular DNA in mice
Company presentations:
Jinxin Tang: Introduction NIFTY test(NIPT) and comparison of the q-PCR technology with NGS technology
Jinxin Tang: Introducction our Sentis(cancer panel) with our own sequencer of NGS technology